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Like the other homes you’ve lived in throughout your life, our intention is to make Mission Oaks a comfortable, personalized fit. We want our residents to feel like this community was built specifically for them with features, amenities and thoughtful touches that result in an immersive, one-to-one experience. Indoor comfort transcends into the outdoor signatures that create soothing backdrops.

We anticipate residents will come from around the country to revel in the comfort and privacy afforded them in our community. Families are encouraged to join us and become part of our extended family.

Mission Oaks isn’t just about living well, it’s about living with style.

Mission Oaks
Assisted living and Memory Care
10780 US-301,
Oxford, FL 34484.

Telephone: 352 330 3901
E-mail: marketing@missionoaksmemorycare.com